Monday, January 26, 2009

On A Serious Note

This is not a political post whatsoever. Don't worry. What it is a small "shout out" so to speak. Yeah, we are at war right case you didn't know. Whether your for or against, up to date or only know what you hear on the "Jon Stuart" show it shouldn't matter. I've got a fellow co-worker who was just re-deployed over to "the sandbox" as they say. I know it takes a lot for his family to have him gone and I just want to say thanks to all those who have done the same.

I also had the opportunity to come in contact with a returned soldier of Iraq. He was only 23 years old. He was younger than me. Whatever he had experienced over there had really changed him. His wife sat and pleaded with me to take him to the hospital because she now feared for her children and his safety. She told me how now he had tried to hurt himself in numerous different ways and couldn't even be around people anymore with his anxiety attacks. At first I thought she was exaggerating...but she wasn't.

I was invited into the home to find him hiding underneath his bed. A grown man hiding from us. When he did finally come out from the bed he kept his hands over his eyes and made me lead him to the back of the patrol car because he said he would "freak out" if he could actually see us. It was definitely a solemn feeling. He was a great guy who I had a great conversation with on the way down to the hospital, but his anxiety from the war had made him unable to function.

I guess it just takes a few stories that hit a bit close to home to make me be extremely grateful for every person whose taken it upon themselves to change something for the better.


FitToSeeJane said...

Excellent note. I'll add my thanks to yours. These people, and the families they leave behind, are sacrificing for people they don't even know and many who do not appreciate their efforts. I think we all need to remember them from time to time.

Wendyburd1 said...

The soldiers we need to thank for so much.

Do you know how this soldier you met is doing?I hope he is getting the treatment he needs so he can return to his family soon.When a soldier comes home, I really think they need to DO more to ensure the physical AND mental health of the soldiers who have served our country!

ramsam said...

this is a great post. I wish we could stop arguing over whether it is right or wrong, go finish the job that needs to be done, and support these soldiers who so desperately need it. I always love your insight from yor experiences, and I am so grateful for the freedoms I still have intact!

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