Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Snow

It's been snowing like the end of the world here in lil' Spokane. The roads have been barely manageable and the sidewalks non-existent. The temperatures cold but the views gorgeous. Me and Ivan get to engage in one of our favorite activities...Snowshoeing with our dogs. I thought I'd let you in on a couple pictures. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days Until The BIG Day

So it's December 23rd. There is a few feet of snow piled up outside my house. Our Christmas tree is up, decorated, and filled with presents. Yet it doesn't really feel to Christmasy around here. I love remembering when you are young how exciting Christmas time is. Not just Christmas day and it's presents, but I actually think I enjoyed just as much, or more, the decorating for Christmas season.

All the family would help out. We'd get our big old rusty ladder inside in order to reach the top of our very tall, and very Charlie Brown-esque, Christmas tree. We would line out window sills with rolls of cotton and lay out a ceramic Christmas scene and village.

Here, now, it's just not as exciting. And that's not meant to sound sad or anything, I think both me and Ivan are so busy that Christmas just kind of snuck up on us. Any how, I'm wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. I hope you and your kids (if you have them) enjoy their day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hot Pursuit

Every Rookie dreams about their first vehicle pursuit. In our line of work it's one of the most exciting, scary, intense and rite-of-passage things you can do. It is of course very dangerous and the reason we pursuit vehicles must be for a very good cause.

My opprotunity arose this week when I noticed an intoxicated looking driver speeding the wrong way down a one way road. I have never had anyone not stop for me when my lights come on, so needless to say, when she took off on me....I was a bit suprised.

The pursuit ensued. It's hard to describe a pursuit until you've actually done one, because it seems so much easier on the outside looking in. You must call out speeds, traffic, direction of travel, etc...all while reacting to what the crazy driver in front of you is doing.

My pursuit the girl driving first tried to ram me out of her way when I attempted to block her in. She then sped through downtown at about 50 mph, hitting two vehicles. Well, the pursuit was terminated for safety reasons (once it get's to dangerous we stop). Only a minute or so later another officer found her after she hit into a telephone pole, completely wiping it out.

So this 18 year old girl is getting charged with 3 Felonies, and 3 Misdemeanors....all because she didn't want to stop for a cop because she was drunk. A crime that for first time offenders usually doesn't even make it to the court room.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Watch This

I made a traffic stop and ended up arresting this girl for possession of meth. In case you don't know to much about it, here's a video I really like.....remember, you'll need to scroll to the bottom to turn down my playlist and hear the video's audio.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hide and Go Seek

I know I haven't written anything here in a while, but I've been pretty busy. Last night was no exception, however it was a blast!

Me and a fellow officer are searching this house for a guy with a warrant. His mom is following us around very nervously. The mom is only getting more nervous as we get to the last room in the home. She is trying to protect her son, the one we are trying to arrest for multiple warrants.
So now my partner is talking to the mom telling her to relax and sit down. We go through the last room in the house but not finding anything. There is junk, clothes, beds, and endless doors to look in/under/through. I get to the last closet and quickly throw open the door.
There he is. Standing there, no clothes on but a pair of boxers. We were warned previously about this guy who is a known runner and also owns a handgun.
So we don't mess around. I shine my light in his face, give him some very brief commands and begin to pull him out of the closet and onto the ground. In an instant my partner is with me and we are able to wrestle this squirley guy to the bed where we get him cuffed up.
It was so fun, my partner and I are so excited. This guy just got had by two rookie cops. It was a blast!
This job reminds me of a game I use to play growing up. Sure, a bit more dangerous now, but just as fun!

So that's what's been taking up all of my time, in case the few of you who read this were wondering where I've been for the past two weeks. Tommorrow is court for me, so it will be another long night of graveyard followed by a quick turn around to the court room.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Family Affair

This was a good week for me.

I got to kick in my first door (Wake up call!) as well as get into my first foot pursuit.

One incident inparticular was quite interesting.

Myself and some other officers get some intel that this 19 year old punk is staying back at his mom's house. He has three warrants for his arrest. Now, I've dealt with this family before. They are very anti-cop. We had to do a search warrant on their vehicle once and the entire time they are telling us to "F" off, etc.

So we get to the house and sure enough the kid is in there. We go to grab onto him, he kicks his wooden window out, jumps through it, and begins to take off. The other officer who is in front of me, closest to the window is a bit older. Me, I'm thinking, "Yes, my first foot pursuit!" And I'm roaring to go. This older officer sighs, pulls out his radio, advises the foot pursuit, then slowly makes his way out of the window. I'm doing all I can to not push him out the window so I can begin chasing after him. Eventually I am out the window along with 5 other cops as were chasing this kid. Finally we get him trapped at a fence. He gets cuffed and placed under arrest. I couldn't be having a better time.

Now, two days later...same family. We have cause to arrest the mother for rendering criminal assistance in trying to keep us from getting to her son, the runner, two days earlier. We also have cause to arrest his brother for a hit and run I investigated on Halloween. Now, it's much better to arrest them because then you do not have to write an affidavit (a.k.a. saves you from writing a hell of a lot of paper work!), an affidavit turns into a warrant.

We knock on the door, the other brother comes out in his underwear. We quickly tell him he's under arrest for hit/run. As were doing this the mom gets so mad she comes out in her underwear. We grab a hold of her but she starts fighting back, trying to hold onto the door so we cannot get control of her. Now her husband who is lying on the couch, and the worst cop hater of all is screaming at us. We finally get her out the door. She is only in her underwear. An officer says to a daughter, get her some pants, but instead, the dad is sooo mad he screams at the daughter to shut the door, all while trying to "sick" his dog on us. It was made for a COPS episode.

Two arrests, mom and son, both in their underwear. I wrapped a blanket around the mom, even though she called me a "B" the whole time. I guess she didn't see the generosity in it....I was just trying to reunite her and her son with her other son who was booked two days ago!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Faking It

Alot about what my job entails is knowing what your doing with great confidence. And when you don't have that great confidence that what you're doing is right....fake it.

From interrogating people you have handcuffed in the back of your patrol car to the "simple" task of driving from point A to point B at 80 MPH, with lights and sirens going, all while trying to read your call on the computer. Faking it. Something I have become very good at with this job. Your Sgt. needs to talk to you? Fake it, what ever question he has, just act like you know what your talking about. Trust me, it goes along way.

I know I'm not the only rookie who has adapted this motto. In fact, I was reading a book about a rookie cop who had left his red/blue lights running while sitting in a parking lot. He didn't know it at the time. A passerby approached him and said "your lights are on." He was so embarrassed but said "yeah, I know, I'm just waiting for someone." And as soon as the passerby was out of sight, he turned them off. I laughed so hard at this. Mainly because I have done the exact same thing. Except instead of sitting in a parking lot I was casually driving down the road. I was just like, "wow, everyone is really moving out of my way today."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gaurenteed Laugh

I love this show. I pulled out my DVD's and watched it the other day. Too funny!
(Scroll down to the bottom to turn off the music player)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Riding Solo

Yesterday was my first day riding solo in the patrol car! It's a big deal because it means they trust you enough to let you loose on your own. My training officer still responds to alot of my calls, but in her own car. I was so incredibly nervous. It turned out to be really good and actually alot less stressful than when you actually have a training officer sitting in the passenger seat, jotting down notes on every wrong turn you make.

I've just begun the actual testing out process, called "x-ray" here at this department. I've got a long ways to go but it feels so good to actually take a step closer to feel like I've accomplished something.

It was a NERVE RACKING feeling however, responding to your first call on your own. I get called to a couple of kids who started a fire in a park and I'm thinking, "Oh great....I hope I know what to do." I walk up to the firemen who had the kids sitting down and the fire out. I feel like such a rookie. Not only do I look like a little kid in my uniform, I am just so nervous. Needless to say I just had to take a deep breath and be thinking, "OK. I know what this is. I know the law." It all turned out ok and I made the right decisions in the end, but it was a bit scary at first hearing your call sign over the air and responding...all by yourself...almost like a real cop.


Friday, October 17, 2008


Ivan and I attended Phantom. It was a good night, but of course, something wierd always has to happen. Let me explain.

As we are getting ready to leave I can't get my bra to not show on my dress! It was so frustrating, I know only girls will understand this. Anyhow, with some handiwork and a safety clip I eliminated the problem before we left the house.
When we enter the theatre I was kind of disapointed. Now, let me explain. I set up the purchase of the tickets. But when I was buying them online, the old Burton cheap-0 came out in me. Even though we have the money and I'd been waiting for this for so long, I still went with some of the cheapest seats in the house. Big mistake. Well not BIG, but I wish I hadn't. The seats were still fine, but I would have loved to be closer. (But it's OK. Ivan felt so bad he's already talking to me about going to Vegas and seeing it with awesome seats!) But it doesn't stop there. So now we are sitting in our seats and the show begins. I forget about my wishes for being closer up and just enjoy the whole atmosphere.

It's the scene right at the auction. The chandelier is on the ground and then all of a sudden "pop" it lights up dramatically just like it was supposed. The orchestra is playing the opening song and I'm getting really excited. Then the orchestra stops, the chandelier is still laying on the ground and I'm thinking "I think the chandelier was supposed to raise." A female voice cuts in, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are having technical difficulties..." You get the rest.
So after 5 minutes, the show starts back up again. I've figured it's best to just roll with the punches and enjoy the show.

About ten minutes into that the Phantom is making his big debut on screen. I love it! I love his voice, I love his costume, I love the guy who just collapsed in the chairs behind me...What? Yes, some guy collapses. Everyone stands up around us. I'm waiving to the usher to go get some help. Turns out it was no big deal, low blood pressure or something (probably from our seats being so high and far away!) But everyone around me acted like he was dying. I'm thinking, "Why is everyone huddled over him? Why is he still sprawled out on the concrete floor? Why don't they help him up and walk him out for some fresh air?" But no, they insist on 5 people standing aorund him, freaking out. So after about ten minutes of this the firefighters show up. Dang firefighters. Anyhow, they escort him out, and I've now missed one of my favorites songs. I also feel like Karma will get me because I eventually was getting mad at the guy for passing out during one of my favorite songs.

Well, that was about the worst of it. Oh yeah, Ivan did lean over and ask "What's the hand at the level of the eye thing mean?" I just started laughing (see my older post below).
Other than these few things I still really enjoyed it. The technical aspects of the show were awesome! I loved the singing and the live orchestra. Now I am ready to shell out some big bucks and do it again in Vegas.

It's over for the music of the night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

I am very excited. Tommorrow Ivan and I are going to see Phantom of the Opera! I have never been to a "big" production before. Yes, I've seen many community theater plays (which still rock! You go Ramona) but this will be my first time getting dressed up to go out and act cultured. I love the music. Growing up my parents always listened to the Phantom soundtrack as well as other musicals.

I made Ivan watch the movie with me this weekend to prepare for the play. I told him I didn't want him leaning in the entire time and whispering in a voice that's still very audible "who's that?"....."Is he bad or good?" ..."Whats up with the hand at the level of your eye?" So we watched it together. He won't admit it but he totally enjoyed it and is now very excited to go see it for real. But not as excited as ME!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Reds and Oranges

It's soon becoming one of my favorite time of the year. Fall. The leaves are just starting to get hints of red and orange. The air is cold and brisk. My scarve is bundled around my neck and a coffee cup is keeping my hands warm. I love this season.

All that said however, fall still has two setbacks I must address.

My first dillemma: Shoes. What can I wear on my feet? I can't wear any flip flops or open toe heels, it's to brisk. But I'm not to the point of slipping my feet into my uber-comfy pair of North Face snowboots. So that is the first problem with fall.

The second: Outdoor activities. Anyone who know's me know's I love to do things outside. When it's hot and sunny you can swim, wakeboard, sit at the lake, bike ride...well you get the picture. When it's cold and snowy you get to snowboard, snowshoe, have snowball fights...again, you get the picture. But fall has limits on the outdoor activities. For the most part I'd say Fall is perfect for some gorgeous hiking and walking with your dogs!

So I am not trying to disrespect the fall season, whatsoever. Every season comes with a price. Right now, however, I am enjoying the colors of the trees and the cold air filling my lungs.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

No Funny Business, Just Funny People

I've got my first scheduled appearance to testify in court.


For those of you who aren't getting the implied sarcasm, it's there. This is no small case either, not like somebody protesting a ticket or anything. I'm talking about a shooting. Drive by. Yeah. I'll sound like such an idiot up there. I'm just imagining some scene from "Law and Order" where the cop gets ripped up on the stand. Wish me luck I guess.

And that brings me to my next order of business. Gangsters. Or wanna be gangsters at that. This town is full of them (The latter mostly.) Guys wearing the pants almost to their knees, their baseball hat's cocked to the side, and 808 Bass pumping from out of the crappy sound system in their 1988 Chevy Caprice. Low ride of course.

I guess sometimes I just don't get it. I stop this young gentlemen who has a few tattoos on his neck and arms. His name is already in our system as a gangster, but behind his XXL Jeans I'm thinking he seems like he'd be a good kid! He's very respectful calling my partner and I "Ma'am" and "Sir." But I have to remember that once the tables turn, if he had a chance, he could/would hurt either one of us.

That is the way we are taught to think. Everyone, even the most respectful person, could hurt or kill us if the situation was right and it became necessary to their advantage. I know this sounds sadistic but it is how a cop must think if they are expected to survive and expect the unexpected. So please don't think I've become a paranoid, pessimistic type of person. It's just the nature of the job.

Will this constant guarded type of personality I've taken on affect my relationship with others? Probably, but at least my husband knows what's going on in my little head (for the most part!) That way we can deal with things together. Some people may think that a job dealing with suicides, broke junkies, and husbands and wives fighting like 10 year olds would be depressing or discouraging. But I have to tell you: It's been one of the most fun, eye opening experiences I've ever encountered!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greys Anatomy Addiction

So I have just become officially obsessed with the show "Greys Anatomy." I started watching the seasons on DVD. Of course, "Dr. McDreamy" doesn't hurt. I have gotten the biggest crush on Patrick Dempsey on this show. Ivan and I were watching some episodes last night and I would just smile every time the hot doctor came on the screen! Ivan just thought I was a big dork. Oh well, I know I'm not the only girl who's in love with him. But I am excited there is another good show on TV. I don't watch much TV, I'm usually at work anyway. The only show I've gotten into lately was "Life" and I think they took that off the air! Those bums!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Finiculi Finicula Chef Burtoni's Kitchen

Well another weekend has past and again I felt like I didn't get much accomplished.

Ivan was out traveling for his new job. I was home alone and somehow turned into a huge nerd. I played XBOX Live all weekend. I stayed up to 4 a.m. drinking can after can of diet coke, all while trying to play Call of Duty against teenage boys who play way to often.

I did have to go into work for five hours today. It was shotgun and handgun training. Nothing to bad. It was kind of fun, we had to jump out of our cars and shoot at targets on the beep. It's nothing like they show on the movies though, however it's pretty great getting paid to do that kind of stuff!

On another note, This weekend I turned into my dad! I don't know what came over me. When Ivan came home I decided I wanted to cook him an awesome dinner. Now, about the only thing I know how to cook is Ramen Noodles and homeade calzones (homeade dough and everything.)This time I wanted to try an awesome calzone that was more authentic italian cuisine than the type of calzones I normally bake.

My dad, who made me believe I was Italian until about Freshmen year of high school, taught me the most important thing when cooking Italian food is to have on Italian music. So in his footsteps I had some Pavarotti cranked, blowing out the speakers. Flour is getting thrown around the kitchen as I poorly try to toss the dough like a true Italian. However, in the end I ended up with a nice tasting pesto calzone. One of my favorite yet! Ivan liked it too, thank goodness!

As for the Pavarotti, Ivan just thought I was a little nuts as I bellowed out "Finiculi Finicula" at the top of my lungs, and repeated the two words over and over again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 Completely Random Facts

That Most People Don't Know About Me:

  1. I usually don't shave my legs until the weekend. (Poor Ivan)

  2. Out of every book I start to read, I finish about 25% of them.

  3. I feel extremely guilty about sleeping in.

  4. Once upon a time I could recite "X-Men, The Movie" word for word.

  5. I hate onions, but I love onion rings.

  6. I get major crushes on wierd, dorky movie stars. People you wouldn't expect, like Greg Kinear.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Five little things that I can't live without....

1. Diet Coke

Ahhhhh... The refreshment. I drink to much. I should be in a Diet Coke Anonymous Program. At least the homeless guy who digs through my recycling bin get's allot of cans. So in a way I am helping out the community.

2. Bath and Body Works Hand Soap

I love this stuff! Their sales are great. That is when I stock up. Try Japanese Cherry Blossom or Brown Fig. I know realistically my hands would be just as clean with an 89 cent bar of soap, but this stuff is just too good!

3. Zune
Ok ok, I can't say I am completely inamorate of how my Mp3 player actually operates, but I definetly could not live without it! I love music so how could I go without portable tunes?

4. Tillamook Mudslide

If you have Tillamook ice cream available to you, and your not watching what you eat, I highly recommend picking up a quart of this stuff. The Mudslide is to die for. They don't skimp on their chocolate fudge. There are huge chunks of soft chocolate drizzle! Yummy!
5. Kleenex with Lotion
Who would have ever thought facial tissue would have made it on my list? I'll tell you what. Coming from a girl who grew up in a house where we had the scratchiest, cheapest toilet paper available, discovering tissues with lotion was the best thing that ever happened to me. Especially during hay fever season or when I'm sick. No more dry cracking nose!
(p.s. sorry about the formatting of this post. I have tried about 10 times now to fix it but the program won't let me!)

Man on Fire

This evening, as I was driving with my sirens wailing, I wondered how could people possibly be so crazy? Well, actually I was thinking first and foremost: This is going to be nuts. Secondly, I was wondereing about the crazy thing.

Oh yes, Did I mention I was driving to find a guy who poured gasoline over his head then lit himself on fire? How could I forget.

This poor kid. Only 16 years old and screwed up as ever.

This town is just notorious for white trash and all that comes with it. It's got 19 year old kids selling dope in the parks to 16 year olds.

Me and Ivan sat down to breakfast this morning and started to discuss the way our little town's society is. My views have definitly changed. Not just from being a cop, but just from getting older. I use to almost consider myself somewhat of a socialist! I thought everyone should get their share of money, food, wealth, etc.

My views have changed drastically.

On welfare: One year cap, and the reciever must show LEGITAMATE job endevours.

Can I even convey to you the reality of welfare, how I've seen a completely different side than I ever thought before? The majority of people I assist are on welfare. They don't know how to handle their own problems. They expect someone else to come in and take care of the hard stuff. They want to live with food, money, and ciggerates...all without working. Thier houses smell like moldy milk, cat crap, and weeks and weeks of dirty clothes. The floors are not covered with carpet, they are covered with old clothes, old newspapers, and TV dinner trash. The kids do not know what it is to respect their elders, or any authority for that matter. They call us "Po-Po" as their parents whisper things in thier ear to train them early for disliking law enforcment. They flip us the bird. They are too young to know what it is but the loving parents they have tell them to do it because, well it's plain funny. The kids grow up with magazines of porn lying around the house, along with dirty needles and childmolesters.

Days like these I am thankful for my parents who raised all 12 of us just right!

I heard that if you take an upper-middle class family and a family on welfare, switch their situations around, each family will be back where they were at originally within the year. Do you think that's true?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ivan and I went for a hike this weekend....

Well attempted.

He was so cute with wanting to suprise me with the hiking location. But with a suprise comes an unprepared hiker. It rained and I didn't have my rain coat. Oh well. That was minimal.

He decided to take me to Colville National Forest and we did some hiking there. He wanted to take a short cut. Must I go into detail?

An hour and a half later we get to our destination.

We start our hike. It's pretty, it's warm weather even with the occasional rain drops. My dog, Akai, is loving it.

Then I ask, "Isn't this bear country up here? Should we be making alot of noise to scare of the bears and cougers?" He tells me we should be fine. He is just trying to convince me not to be worried though he is just as worried as I am.

20 minutes into the hike I see a bear paw print....then another. These things are huge.

I'm a bit nervous, Ivan is too.

We decide to call it quits and come back again when we are properly equipped.

Bells to ward off animals, bear spray and a gun....just in case.

Oh well, it was a fun little road trip and I got an ice cream cone on the way back.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Guess who can't sleep?

It's 1:43 in the morning and I can't sleep. It's my work schedule! It's completely screwed up my sleeping schedule. Oh well.

Not that all I ever want to talk about is my job, cause trust me I don't. I did have one of the scarier moments in my life happen last week.

At one of the local dance clubs that is notorious for gangs and fighting we get this call that someone over heard some guys saying "something was going down at closing time." So it's about 2:20 in the morning and we go wailing up the lights and sirens a blaze in order to get to the area before 2:30 when it closes.

I get up there, there is already about 10 cops and we just sit off and wait. There is a huge crowd forming of drunk guys and girls all pushing and shoving each other outside of the club. Then some of the more loud gang bangers start to yell. They are pushing people around and just generally trying to cause major problems. We hold off until we can get more officers because going into a situation of about 100 drunk people versus 10 cops is just not a good idea.

So finally we get some sufficient numbers on our end, not as much as we'd like, but enough to start moving in. The clubs security officers are getting out of hand as well. Tall guys wearing "SECURITY" shirts that are too small for them start pushing the drunk guys and start macing people. So needless to say things got crazy.

We all form up into a giant man-made wall and start moving people out. Yelling at them to go home, get out, and just generally to get out of the parking lot. Some people are sober enough to understand the situation and leave but most people just keep running there mouth.

So we do this for a good 10 minutes or so until people finally start to get the message. But then I hear the gun shot. Or at least what sounded distinctly similar to one. I'm thinking, hmmm....it could definitely be a gun shot, this place is notorious for shootings and stabbings. So I start looking left to right as all the drunk club-goers start screaming and running to their cars. Then we hear it over the radio. "Guy with a gun, guy with a gun!" So now, as my good friend would say, It's on like donkey kong.

We have our guns drawn and start walking to wear our guy is calling out his foot pursuit. Walking, yes, you read it right, because we have to scan every inch of what's going on. Finally we track this guy into a house up the street. Somehow, somewhere along the way he's managed to throw his gun out.

So we start looking everywhere. In the grass, in the weeds, parking lots, trashcans....nothing. Can't find a thing.

We're screwed. We don't have much of anything to go of off. So this wanna be gangster gets to go back out tomorrow and do it all again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toy Truck Yellow to Rigamortis

Well this past week was quite a doozy! On my long weekend we finally tackled this kitchen project we'd been talking about. We painted our kitchen a bright, colorful yellow. It went from pale and blah to....basically a "toy truck yellow." Ivan and I put up bead board along the lower half of the walls and painted blue accents throughout the rest in order to match our countertop. And the best of all? Ivan and I miraculously never got into an argument throughout this whole process! Pictures will be posted soon.

Next on the agenda? Wheewww, what a week so far. Yesterday at work was crazy. It's still really tough being a rookie and the biggest problem for most rookies across the board is the geographical orientation, and I am no exception. It becomes very hard trying to get from point A to point B all while driving 70 mph, thinking about the call and how you will handle it. Not to mention I am not from this area so I am basically starting from scratch. It's OK though, I've got a feeling I'll get there eventually.

But yesterday, oh yesterday. We got to help a suicidal jumper from off of the bridge. She was schizophrenic and was really contemplating the idea. She was on the outer perimeter of the wall, but not the outermost, which was a good thing. As we were talking to her, I just kept thinking, "Oh crap, please don't jump, I'm not sure if I could handle that this morning." She was a very large woman so there was no option to even think about trying to grab her from off the edge in case she did start to go over. We've been having a rash of jumpers in this city. My partner and training officer just physically grabbed another jumper from the bridge last week. Must be the weather.

I also saw my first dead body today. DOA. It's quite a weird feeling when you're poking and prodding at a cold stiff body behind close doors, while the family sits in the other room and sobs. Not too bad though. She was almost 97! Plus she already looked a bit skeletal.

Lets see what today has to offer me.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here comes the weekend!

Ahhhh....I just finished a loooong work week. But I can't complain, after all, five days on and five days off isn't bad at all! I had to hold over an extra four hours on my Friday (really Wednesday morning) because we responded to a big call. Two really nice cars got stolen from the same house and we ended up finding them within the hour! That doesn't happen much. Can you believe this...this really wealthy family just leaves their keys in the ignition of their cars, leave the car unlocked and leave the garage unlocked! I thought it was a little crazy myself but at least we were able to get them their vehicles back, unscathed mind you!

Well, cop work isn't my entire life right now, but it does seem like it. I have alot of studying to do in my freetime. Last week I was able to relax a bit and I enjoyed myself. I took whitewater kayak lessons and that was very fun. Scary, but fun. It's a bit of a weird feeling when your being held into a boat and you purposely flip it over so you can attempt to flip it back. Well, I'm not to that point yet, but I'm getting there. It's a crazy feeling.
So now with my time off this week I find myself doing more work! Yard work all morning and for the evening I just got done pressure washing our house. Tomorrow I plan on starting to paint our kitchen. It will be a brighter yellow than the pale yellow it is right now. I'm hoping to brighten up the house a little bit.

July 15, 2008 Two days and counting...

Well, I've been on patrol now for two days. I have an FTO (field training officer) who does most everything right now. I mainly just shadow and learn. I have got to engage myself a few times though. On Sunday night/early Monday morning, after a few SWAT guys executed a search warrant, all us newbies were able to go route around through this guys house looking for any guns or ammunition. Afterall, he got arrested for making threats to kill his neighboors below him. It was very interesting.
On my second night we responded to another gun call involving parties who were protected from another. This was pretty intense for a short period of time. My FTO who is also in SWAT, responded with a few other SWAT and TAC guys into the house while the rest of us had our guns drawn and watched the windows and doors for anyone trying to avoid our 1 a.m. greeting. Well, not much came of this call in the end, but it was exciting while it lasted.

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