Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hide and Go Seek

I know I haven't written anything here in a while, but I've been pretty busy. Last night was no exception, however it was a blast!

Me and a fellow officer are searching this house for a guy with a warrant. His mom is following us around very nervously. The mom is only getting more nervous as we get to the last room in the home. She is trying to protect her son, the one we are trying to arrest for multiple warrants.
So now my partner is talking to the mom telling her to relax and sit down. We go through the last room in the house but not finding anything. There is junk, clothes, beds, and endless doors to look in/under/through. I get to the last closet and quickly throw open the door.
There he is. Standing there, no clothes on but a pair of boxers. We were warned previously about this guy who is a known runner and also owns a handgun.
So we don't mess around. I shine my light in his face, give him some very brief commands and begin to pull him out of the closet and onto the ground. In an instant my partner is with me and we are able to wrestle this squirley guy to the bed where we get him cuffed up.
It was so fun, my partner and I are so excited. This guy just got had by two rookie cops. It was a blast!
This job reminds me of a game I use to play growing up. Sure, a bit more dangerous now, but just as fun!

So that's what's been taking up all of my time, in case the few of you who read this were wondering where I've been for the past two weeks. Tommorrow is court for me, so it will be another long night of graveyard followed by a quick turn around to the court room.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Family Affair

This was a good week for me.

I got to kick in my first door (Wake up call!) as well as get into my first foot pursuit.

One incident inparticular was quite interesting.

Myself and some other officers get some intel that this 19 year old punk is staying back at his mom's house. He has three warrants for his arrest. Now, I've dealt with this family before. They are very anti-cop. We had to do a search warrant on their vehicle once and the entire time they are telling us to "F" off, etc.

So we get to the house and sure enough the kid is in there. We go to grab onto him, he kicks his wooden window out, jumps through it, and begins to take off. The other officer who is in front of me, closest to the window is a bit older. Me, I'm thinking, "Yes, my first foot pursuit!" And I'm roaring to go. This older officer sighs, pulls out his radio, advises the foot pursuit, then slowly makes his way out of the window. I'm doing all I can to not push him out the window so I can begin chasing after him. Eventually I am out the window along with 5 other cops as were chasing this kid. Finally we get him trapped at a fence. He gets cuffed and placed under arrest. I couldn't be having a better time.

Now, two days later...same family. We have cause to arrest the mother for rendering criminal assistance in trying to keep us from getting to her son, the runner, two days earlier. We also have cause to arrest his brother for a hit and run I investigated on Halloween. Now, it's much better to arrest them because then you do not have to write an affidavit (a.k.a. saves you from writing a hell of a lot of paper work!), an affidavit turns into a warrant.

We knock on the door, the other brother comes out in his underwear. We quickly tell him he's under arrest for hit/run. As were doing this the mom gets so mad she comes out in her underwear. We grab a hold of her but she starts fighting back, trying to hold onto the door so we cannot get control of her. Now her husband who is lying on the couch, and the worst cop hater of all is screaming at us. We finally get her out the door. She is only in her underwear. An officer says to a daughter, get her some pants, but instead, the dad is sooo mad he screams at the daughter to shut the door, all while trying to "sick" his dog on us. It was made for a COPS episode.

Two arrests, mom and son, both in their underwear. I wrapped a blanket around the mom, even though she called me a "B" the whole time. I guess she didn't see the generosity in it....I was just trying to reunite her and her son with her other son who was booked two days ago!

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