Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers

To the family, friends, police family and others of the three officers killed in the line of duty in Oakland this weekend, and the fourth whose hanging on for dear life.
And those who don't know, We too encountered a fatal shooting this week. Thankfully, it came out on our side.
As if my job doesn't remind me enough, these have been other strong reminders why you should live life to the fullest. Three things you should do everday:
1. Say "I love you"
2. Laugh
3. Don't sweat the small stuff


FitToSeeJane said...

I love your post. The officers sacrifice so much daily, and this is the ultimate sacrifice.

Jon said...

I was in SF this past week and I was sad to see the way this was being covered in the newspaper. I think it was on Monday or Tuesday morning, on about page A4 or something, the newspaper had the profiles/obits for the four officers *AND* the shooter. All the same size, same page, same layout - all treated equally. Very sad to see.

One of my nephews is a cop in Oakland, another is in the academy in San Jose, and my brother works for the department of corrections. At dinner on Thursday, my brother said one of the demonstrators supporting the shooter (yes, there are some, sadly) said, "That SWAT team was hunting him down."
And my brother said, "Yup, if you shoot a cop, the other cops are going to hunt you down. That's their job."

The Oakland Fire Department actually packed up food and gas grills and went to every police station and cooked for them basically around the clock for several days. And the entire Oakland PD attended the memorial service (along with many other officers - including my brother and nephew) while other city departments covered for them.

At the memorial, one of the people eulagizing one of the officers said that he'd said that when he died probably no one would even care about his funeral. The speaker said, "Dude, you were completely wrong. Even the 'Terminator' is here today!"

Cops and soldiers seems to be the last outpost for what the rest of the country used to be like. I'm glad that culture continues on, but I'm sorry to see it is getting smaller and smaller.

ramsam said...

You really have to think about these things as we mature, right? I can't believe the risk you take evry day. That is amazing.

I love your 3 reminders, too. By the way...I LOVE YOU!

kel said...

I am from the Philly area and we have had a rash of deadly cop shooting, pretty much suicide shootings. They shot in hopes of hitting the cop before they get hit. It's scary.

The police need our support and love!! Thanks for this post!

I really enjoyed your blog, I will be back again!

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